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Recovery Equipment Filter by All 12000 lbs 25 liter bag 4.75 Ton Bow Shackle 4.75 Ton Bow Shackles bag blanket damper db80-3813 ew80-3815s import_2019_04_02_155759 joined-description-fields kit recovery gear rk80-3801 RK80-3807 rk80-3828 RK80-3829 sand track SB80-3825 ss80-3802 ss80-3803 ss80-3804 SS80-3805 ss80-3827 ss80-3844 ss80-3845 ST80 ...

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That''s why we offer our huge selection of off-road recovery equipment for you to get out of the lurch and back on the road easily and safely. This collection has everything from jacks to traction pads, snatch straps to tow hooks to enable you to be prepared when the time comes.

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 · Smittybilt Recovery Strap. Smittybilt''s recovery straps are available in a variety of sizes: 2 inch by 20 feet, 2 inch by 30 feet, 3 inch by 30 feet, 4 inch by 8 feet, and 4 inch by 20 feet. The ...

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Shop our huge selection of parts and supplies for towing professionals. Build the tool and rigging kits to equip your standard, mid, and heavy wreckers right here. Find everything you need for professional towing and recovery services at ECTTS. Shop our wide selection of tow straps and hook configurations.

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Off-Road Recovery Gear. Get your vehicle out of that spot you knew wasn''t a good choice to drive to. We have professional grade auto recovery equipment to help with every stuck scenario. From tire repair kits and air compressors to heavy-duty vehicle recovery equipment, we offer everything you need to keep yourself out of the stickiest situation.

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Strap Assemblies Strap Assemblies in 50mm webbing with various end fittings such as Claw Hook, Claw/Catch or twisted Snap Hook. motorcycle strap assemblies in 35mm. All complete with a long end, tail end ratchet and soft chocker. Lashing Straps Straps from 25mm for lightweight applications – e.g. steering wheel straps and universal straps. 35mm light-mediumweight – e.g. motorcyle straps ...

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Professional operators and tow truck fleet owners can choose from EVERY grade and type of chain and straps for your particular towing or vehicle recovery job. We stock Recovery Straps up to 12" Wide and three ply thick 50,000-pound capacities, and Round Sling Recovery Straps up …

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Heavy duty recovery straps have break strengths ranging from 40,000 pounds to 120,000 pounds meaning that they are capable of pulling semi trucks, end loaders, backhoes, farm tractors and other large equipment free. The width of the webbing of our heavy duty straps ranges from 4 inches to 12 inches and in single to quadruple plies, or layers of ...

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Our specialty slings and straps fit your lifting needs. Download product catalogs for Tow-All vehicle recovery straps, hull saver boat slings, drum and stone handling slings, gas bottle web cradles, adjustable slings and more.

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Extra recovery straps can make a complicated vehicle extraction much safer and easier. Tree straps can also be used as a bridle around a chassis. Winch extensions are very handy when your winch line can''t reach your anchor point. Our snatch straps have a 20% stretch giving you that extra boost when pulling out a stuck vehicle.

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The Essentials Recovery Kit contains everything you need to get off-road, including a tree trunk protector, snatch strap, bow shackles and snatch block. KIT INCLUDES: 17,600 lbs snatch strap. 26,000 lbs tree trunk. 19,800 lbs snatch block. Snatch pack storage bag. Two 4.75T bow shackles. Read More.

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Slingshot''s Kinetic Recovery Tow Ropes are THE tool to use when towing stuck vehicles. Utilize the kinetic energy of the tow vehicle and gain the momentum needed without cringe inducing jolts. Other towing equipment like chains or standard tow straps can transmit unnecessary, damaging impact forces to both vehicles if used with any sort of a ...

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Towing & Recovery for Wreckers and Tow Trucks > Chains, Straps, Winch Cables, Snatch Blocks, Jump Start, Tire Skates, Lock Out Tools, Wheel Dollies, …

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Recovery blanket: A recommended safety implement to use on a snatch strap to prevent any whipping action if the strap breaks; Recovery gloves: Protect your hands when dealing with recovery equipment, wire cables, dirt, rocks, and trees; Pocket chainsaw: Good for clearing wooden obstacles

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Smittybilt Recovery Straps. The Smittybilt recovery straps utilizes double-stitched webbing, with a double hoop design. Look to Smittybilt for recovery straps to help guide you out of any situation. California Residents: WARNING.

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Nobles RECOVERY-MATE Heavy Duty Kevlar Strops are ideal for plant and vehicle recovery and towing or pulling operations of heavy commercial, mining and military vehicles and plant. The Kevlar strops range in capacity from 30 to 300 tonne so there is a RECOVERY-MATE strop …

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The ability of a Kinetic Recovery Rope to stretch is what makes it unique and what sets it apart from a non-elastic tow rope or tow strap. ASR Offroad''s Kinetic Recovery Ropes are designed and built for the express purpose of stretching under load, to provide a smooth and powerful pull.

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 · 15. Tough Dog sells 8000kg and 11,000kg straps, as well as complete recovery kits. In addition to the straps, Tough Dog stocks a 10,000kg 20-metre winch-extension strap, a 10,000kg three-metre tree trunk protector, damper blankets, rated bow shackles and pulley blocks. A heavy-duty carrying solution is handy, too.

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 · Snatch straps are the middle ground between tow straps and recovery ropes. They resemble a tow strap but have rubber band like qualities, similar to a recovery rope. This type of strap is generally a little bit cheaper than a recovery rope and can be used as a tow strap if needed. Since these straps have less rebound than a recovery rope, it is ...

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 · Dec 20, 2016. Messages: 630. Location: ID. The recovery straps are "rated" at 35 K breaking strength, and as their main use will be using two of them to lift sub 1 K hot tubs, I don''t feel too bad about going off the reservation and buying them local, but I''m not going to make a habit out of not buying "real" rigging.

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Equipment recovery in surface mining operations has been improved dramatically, with the use of Lift-It ® High Performance Fiber, Twin-Path ® Mine Tow Straps. High modulus, low elongation, K-Spec ® fiber does not store energy like wire and chain slings. Subsequently, High Performance Fiber Mine Tow Straps do not dissipate stored energy and have very little, if any whiplash at failure.

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Choose Vehicle. Filter Catalog. VOODOO 2.0 SANTERIA KINETIC RECOVERY ROPE TRUCK/JEEP 1-1/4 INCH X 30 FOOT GREEN WITH ROPE BAG. Posted on Monday, May 10, 2021. $219.99. Read more about VOODOO 2.0 SANTERIA KINETIC RECOVERY ROPE TRUCK/JEEP 1-1/4 INCH X 30 FOOT GREEN WITH ROPE BAG. Mens Long Sleeve VooDoo. Posted on Wednesday, April 10, 2019.


4x4 Recovery Gear, Tie Downs, Webbing & Outdoor Gear - Quality you can see - ISO 9001 Browse SECURETECH has a wide range of 4×4 Accessories and Recovery Equipment – Including Snatch Straps, Recovery Ropes, Recovery Blanket and Snatch Blocks.

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When you need quality Recovery Straps, Wrecker Supply USA manufacturers them in-house; 1-Ply, 2-Ply, 4-Ply Recovery Straps, Rollover Straps and much more. Custom recovery straps available by calling our Recovery Specialists at (877) 670-3130.

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The compact recovery bag is a multi-purpose bag that will suit a variety of equipment, from recovery gear to camping supplies. The compact recovery bag is sold individually and does not come stocked w.. ... The Smittybilt Receiver Tow Hook, is the quick and easy way to attach your recovery strap to get you or your friends out of any situation ...

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Lifting Straps & Slings. Lifting straps and slings from Zip''s AW Direct can serve as a critical connection between the winch line and lashing point on any recovery job. Endless loop round slings are perfect for deep ditch recoveries and save the tow operator from lugging heavy chain down to the casualty. Eye and eye slings can fit through ...

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 · The Rhino USA off-road recovery straps, made of 80% polyester and 20% silk are designed to be used as tow straps and recovery straps. Because the Poly/Silk Webbing is designed to stretch, this strap works well as both a recovery snatch straps and a general use tow strap.

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Assembly Breaking Strength 249,900, Towing Capacity (Lbs.) 83,300. $357.26. $847.06. LiftAll Tuflex Tow-All Vehicle Recovery Strap, 20'' Grey/Black

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2" Ultimate Recovery Tow Strap (82) Regular price $39.97 Sale price $29.97 Sale 20'' Tow Strap & D-Ring Shackle Set Combo (283) Regular price $89.99 Sale price $64.97 Sale Utlimate Survival Shovel (2) Regular price $39.97 Sale price $29.97 Sale 20'' Tow Strap & Shackle Hitch Receiver Combo ...

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 · Selecting the right recovery straps. Make sure the working load limit of the recovery equipment is greater than the minimum capacity required. Additional resistance could be encountered when the stuck vehicle is deeply submerged, or there is damage to the vehicle that prevents it from moving. When in doubt contact a vehicle recovery expert.

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Recovery Equipment; Recovery Equipment. View as Grid List. 8 Items . Show per page. Sort By. Set Descending Direction. Ratchet Strap, Axle Tie Down ... ARB RECOVERY STRAPS . $63.70. Quickview. Hi-Lift Jack Handle Isolator (KU71071) $14.99. Quickview. View as Grid List. 8 …

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Recovery Equipment Snatch Straps and Accessories. Snatch Strap. Specifically designed to stretch under load for maximum performance, using an ARB snatch strap is a very effective method of extracting a bogged or immobilised 4WD when a second vehicle is present.

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Rigging & Recovery Supply. For all your rigging and recovery supplies, Zip''s can provide everything you need to work safely. We carry a huge assortment of lifting chains, lifting slings, recovery straps, plus lifting hardware, chain hooks, specialty bridles, spreader bars and …

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Recovery straps and tow straps are invaluable pieces of equipment whether you are in the towing business and need a heavy tow strap, use off road recovery straps for recreational use, or keep some truck tow straps on hand for emergency situations. US Cargo Control is your source for a wide variety of recovery/tow straps.